A bit about Long Exposure

The other day, I went down the beach and I haven’t gone down to the beach for ages because I just haven’t got around to it. There hasn’t been much swell and it usually ends up being really windy in the afternoon after school although it usually dies down when the sun starts to set which is also really the best time to start taking photos using long exposure.

Long exposure is when you leave the shutter of the lense or camera open and you end up getting like a lined or blurred effect, it’s like those photos you see of traffic in a busy street or highway, Long exposure for shooting traffic usually gives you the blur of the lights from the back or front of the car, bus, truck, police car, and really anything moving with a light will give you a stretched line of light. Like a meteor’s tale going across the photo, it’s kind of hard to explain but when you see a photo you will understand what i am trying to say.

But anyway that’s not what i was talking about. Yesterday afternoon when the sun was about to set I was down there taking photos with long exposure, shooting the waves coming up the reef and swirling back down into the ocean with the color of the sun setting. It was something to witness. That is why I enjoy taking those kinds of photos because you see something different through the eyes of the lense than what you usually see and what you usually see when you take a long exposed photo is sometimes insanely beautiful!

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  1. Hi Ben. I’m Levi and I am really into photography too! I live in California and I love taking long exposure photos. Did you know that you can use long exposure at the beach for so many other things? My favorite thing to do is to go to the beach or park away from city lights on a night without a bright moon. I take my wide angle lens and capture the stars with the ocean as the foreground. If you put yourself through it and stay up all night with a shutter release cable you can get some great star trails. Good luck with the photos!

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