Blue holes

It was some day before school last week I decided to go down the beach and check it out. It was freezing cold and I was wearing trousers and a jumper but my hands and toes where bare and very numb. I was going to go in the water but my big fool body wetsuit was drenched from the dew earlier that morning so I only ended up tang my short arm and leg steamer. The beach surf was small at Siphons/Blue holes, and really no huge point to go out in the water. Plus it was just too cold.

So once it start to get a bit brighter and I could see there was definitely no swell and how low the tide was. I just ended up walking on the reef with my camera and tripod to get some photos of the wash up and over the reef and down into the little rock pools. While shooting in Slow shutter speed, usually leaving the shutter open for about “3 of a second giving it a long misty effect of the water washing up and down off the reef. Like both of these —>_MG_0281_MG_0277

10 thoughts on “Blue holes

  1. Hey this was a great blog! I’m a little confused on what blue holes are, but your blog made me very interested in finding out what they are. I Also love photography and I love the pictures you took! Also I’m was wondering what does swell mean in context to your topic. It was overall a terrific blog! Come check out my blog

    1. Blue Holes is the name of a really popular beach here in Kalbarri, just near it is a spot where people surf a lot.

    2. Blue holes is a plce in Kalbarri, it isn’t a thing morely a place. And ‘swell’ refers to like wave size you know like size of waves and stuff. You say, ‘Is there any swell?’ meaning, ‘Are there any waves.’

  2. Hi my name is Mitchell and I’m in Mrs. Kriese’s class in Texas.
    I thought your photos were really cool and I find blue holes facinating.

  3. I liked the detail you used to describe the blue hole.What is a blue hole and did you get any really cool shots on your camera?

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